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Attorney at Law, Kenneth A. Vercammen, Esq. - NJ Laws Email Newsletter List

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 30, 2008 E291
1. Happy New Year!
2. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN--Sat. Jan. 3, 2009 10AM - START: Kenneth Vercammen Law Office - Volunteers needed 8-11am
3. New Year's Resolution - Put your Estate Planning in order.
4. No automobile search exception if no exigent circumstances. State v. Owens (App. Div. Decided March 28, 2008) 14-2-0078, Unpublished.
5. No Restraining Order where calls are not harassing. A.G. v. R.A.C (App. Div. Decided May 12, 2008) 14-2-0471, Unpublished.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 23, 2008 E290
1. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas
2. Police may have immunity for a criminal arrest made in their presence. Virginia v. Moore 128 S.Ct. 1598 (2008) No. 06-1082
3. 30 year old uncounseled DWI Conviction could not enhance jail. State v. Binkiewicz 78 NJ 397 (App. Div. Decided May 6, 2008) A5613-06T4, Unpublished.
4. Liability of Owner of Commercial Property for Defects, Snow and Ice Accumulation and Other Dangerous Conditions in Abutting Sidewalks.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 16, 2008 E289
1. Stadium Beer Vendor Liability Suit Settled For $23.5 Million.
2. Appellate Division Cannot Amend DWI Refusal Statement. State v. Spell 142 NJ 514 (2008).
3. A Unique Holiday Gift Idea! Gift Certificates for Wills & Legal Services.
4. Spending Down Medicaid Planning By Thomas D. Begley, Jr., Esquire.
5. Holiday/ Christmas song links to lyrics.
6. Website: Christmas Carols instrumental - Listen to on your computer.
7. Needed: Outdoor Nativity Scene.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 3, 2008 E288
1. Season's greetings from Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., his family and Frizby the racing dog.
2. Jury Awards $12.9 Million in Accutange Suit.
3. Cumberland Co. Hit with $1.5 Million Verdict for Road Injuries.
4. Community Events.
5. New articles on KennethVercammen.com.
6. Santa Claus Welcomes You to www.Claus.com.
7. Holly Jolly Christmas lyrics.

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 19, 2008 E287
1. Search of duffel bag in home must comply with NJ Constitution (State v. Johnson).
2. Worksite Shortcuts Resulting in Electrocutions Lead to $8 Million Settlement.
3. Slip on Melted, Refrozen Snow Settled for $2.15 Million.
4. Drunk Driving (State v. Thulin).
5. Community Events.
6. New articles on KennethVercammen.com

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 4, 2008 E286
1. Negligence in Road Repairs Leads to $31M Verdict.
2. Commercial Vehicle could be searched during routine safety inspection. State v. Hewitt 400 NJ Super. 376 (Law Div. 2008).
3. Where crime involved employer's car, no extreme hardship to avoid license suspension. State v. Carrero 399 NJ Super. 419 (Law Div. 2007).
4. PTI Rejection based on mental illness ok. State v. Hoffman 399 NJ Super. 207 (App. Div. 1999).
5. Fun Upcoming Running Race events.
6. Middlesex County Estate Planning Council - Speaker needed!
7. New Articles & Videos.

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 22, 2008 E285
1. GOT KIDS? Estate Planning is Recommended
2. $1.7M Award for Head Injury from 1995 Crash
3. $486K Jury Award for Permanent Back and Leg Pain
4. $2.4M Settlement in Fall from Faulty Railing
>5. In Driving While Suspended / DWS, Uncounseled Prior Plea Cannot Enhance Jail. State v. Thomas 401 NJ Super. 180 (Law Div. 2007)
6. South Brunswick Boys Soccer #1
7. If You Are Hurt In An Accident, We Can Help

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 7, 2008 E284
1. Failure to Monitor Fetus Leads to $1M Settlement.
2. Estate of Man Hit by Pizza Delivery Vehicle to Receive $1.6 Million.
3. Medicaid Planning with Care Agreement.
4. Wills, Probate and Elder Law- Adult and Community Education (WHEN: Tuesday October 21, 2008 7 - 9 P.M.)
5. Free Office Space for Attorney- Edison, NJ.

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 23, 2008 E283
1. Important Recent cases: Inadequate Safety Training Leads to $1M Payout.
2. No Expungement if two prior crimes.
3. One car accidents not always an At Fault Accident to increase insurance rates.
4. Police cannot access defendant's Internet records.
5. Upcoming community events.
6. Fun charity Running Races.

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 9, 2008 E282
1. Recent Cases: Crawford Hearsay Rule does not apply to Breathalyzer Certification.
2. Step Down Post Conviction Relief must be filed in Original Court.
4. September’s charity and community events
5. A Taste of Sea Bright Saturday, Sept. 27

NJ Laws' Newsletter August 26, 2008 E281
1. Recent Cases: Statement by Eye Witness not Admissible as Emergency investigation.
2. Statement to DYFS Worker Under Emergency is Admissible.
3. Handling Drug, DWI & Motor Vehicle Violatins In Municipal Court
September 15, 2008 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
4. Marketing Survey for American Bar Association.
5. Upcoming Charity Running Races.
6. Estate Planning.
7. New Articles on KennethVercammen.com

NJ Laws' Newsletter August 5, 2008 E280
In This Issue:
1. Recent cases: Eye Injury From Errant Golf Ball Nets $725K Settlement.
2. Parking garage is quasi-public area so refusal to take breath test can be charged.
3. Great Seminar and Events at ABA New York meeting for Solo & Small Firm Attorneys.
4. Reasons to Join the Edison Elks or an Elks in your community.
5. Next month’s charity running races.

NJ Laws' Newsletter July 17, 2008 E279
In This Issue:
1. Reminder: Friends of Ken and Cynthia Vercammen are invited to the 31st ANNUAL SUMMER BLAST Saturday July 19 5pm- 11pm.
2. Recent cases: Blindness After Lasik to Cost $2.1M.
3. Car passenger has no special duty to prevent intoxicated person from driving.
4. Father's right to an attorney must be honored.
5. Reminder: Free Seminar - 2008 Update of Wills and Power of Attorney Seminar Wednesday, July 23, 2008.

NJ Laws' Newsletter July 9, 2008 E278
In This Issue:
1. Recent Cases: Bar Could Be Liable for Negligent Supervision of Visibly Intoxicated Person.
2. Search Warrant Must Be Based on Judge Decision, Not Police Discretion.
3. States Can Permit Post Conviction Motions in Cases Decided Before 2004 Based on Crawford Hearsay Challenge.
4. 1,000 Greatest Law & Business Links on the Internet.
5. 31st Annual Summer Blast Saturday July 19th.
6. Belmar Five Mile Run - New Team Competition.
7. Free seminar- 2008 Update of Wills and Power of Attorney Seminar Wednesday, July 23, 2008.

NJ Laws' Newsletter July 2, 2008 E277
In This Issue:
1. Recent Cases: Illegal U-turn that Killed Motorcyclist Costs $1.4M.
2. Police do not need a reasonable suspicion before they may access the NCIC database. State v. Sloane 193 NJ 423 (2008).
3. Constructive possession of CDS is jury question. State v. Scott 193 NJ 227 (2008) Approved for Publication January 28, 2008.
4. The filing of Tort Claims notice does bar expungement. In the Matter of Expungement Petition of J.R.S. 398 NJ Super. 1 (App Div. 2008).
5. Upcoming non profit races.
6. Cynthia Vercammen's Cocoa Beach Night Party.

NJ Laws' Newsletter June 24, 2008 E276
In This Issue:
1. Recent cases: Hockey arena not liable to patron hit with puck during warm-ups.
2. Pharmacist could be liable for putting wrong drug in prescription.
3. If property not abandoned, defendant has standing to challenge Search.
4. PTI available if thefts not part of enterprise.
5. More New articles on website KennethVercammen.com.
6. This Weekend's Activities.
7. Legal forms available from the NJ State Bar Association Annual Meeting for Attorneys, Judges, Prosecutors and Police.
8. Welcome Summer 2008 Law Clerks.

NJ Laws' Newsletter June 11, 2008 E275
In this issue:
1. Recent cases: Suppression of Stop and dismissal of DWI dismissed where no erratic driving
2. No operation in DWI where engine not running
3. Bar can be liable if intoxicated patron injured
4. Jogging Death Leads to $1.1 million settlement
5. New articles on website KennethVercammen.com
6. Happy Father's Day
7. Upcoming fun races with beer activity afterwards
8. Sellers Information Sheet in Real Estate Sales

NJ Laws' Newsletter May 20, 2008 E274
In this issue:
1. Memorial Day Remembrance
2. FRO Final Restraining Order in Domestic Violence Cases (New article on website KennethVercammen.com)
3. Will Appointments (New article on website KennethVercammen.com)
4. Two step police interrogation invalid., State v. O'Neill (Recent case)
5. No trial without defendant unless defendant willfully absent., State v. Luna (Recent case)
6. Can't Be Convicted of Attempt to Commit a DP., State v. McGrath
7. This week's events

NJ Laws' Newsletter May 9, 2008 E273
In this issue:
1. Certain tenants can be evicted when household member charged with drug crime: Long Branch Housing Authority vs. Villano 396 NJ Super. 185 (App. Div. 2007)
2. Even closed museum considered public building under 500 feet drug law: State v. Chambers 396 NJ Super. 259 (App. Div. 2007)
3. Noise ordinance not preempted by state law: State v Krause ___ NJ Super. ___ (App. Div. decided 12-17-07) A-3737-06T5
4. NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention
5. May 17 Commotion By The Ocean Rumson Hash- Seaside & Toms River, NJ (Run & fun)
6. New Articles on Website

NJ Laws' Newsletter April 22, 2008 E272
In this issue:
1. Confidential Will Questionnaire.
2. Recent cases: Professional hockey arena not liable to spectator who is hit in head with puck. Sciarrotta v. Global Spectrum, 4-10-08 (A-28-07).
3. Criminal Bias defined by Law Against Discrimination standard, not dictionary definition State v. Dixon 396 NJ Super. 329 (App. Div. 2007).
4. Statutes must be strictly construed. State v. Moon 396 NJ Super. 109 (App. Div. 2007).
5. Certain tenants can be evicted when household member charged with drug crime.

NJ Laws' Newsletter April 7, 2008 E271
In this issue:
1. Car Insurance coverage liberally applied to victim of shooting.
2. Guilty plea permitted to be withdrawn where defendant not advised of plea consequences.
3. Contractors Must Register With Consumer Affairs.
4. Police May need to give 2nd Miranda Warnings.
5. Upcoming Charity Running Events.
6. Kenneth Vercammen, Edison Attorney was selected a 2008 NJ Super Lawyer.

NJ Laws' Newsletter March 18, 2008 E270
In This Issue
1. NJ Supreme Court holds Alcotest DWI breath testing machine results admissible
2. Free Wills and Power of Attorney Seminar on Wednesday, April 2, 2008
3. Recent webpages added to KennethVercammen.com website.

NJ Laws' Newsletter March 6, 2008 E269
In This Issue
1. Where mother neglected and abandoned child, she could not inherit boy's $1 million estate.
2. DWI defendant entitled to step down based on uncounseled prior plea.
3. Police Can Use An Electronic Tracking Devise to Trace a Stolen Cell Phone.
4. New Law effective March 1 Cell phone law.
5. Events this week: March 7 Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Friday.
6. Intestacy [Someone died and no Will].

NJ Laws' Newsletter February 26, 2008 E268
In This Issue
1. Middlesex County Bar Association 3rd Annual Awards Dinner
2. More fun events- Sunday, March 2, 13.1 Miles E. Murray Todd Half Marathon
3. Anabolic Steroids illegal in New Jersey
4. If Suspended for DWI in Another State, Enhanced Penalty for Driving While Suspended
5. No time limit on appeal until court advises defendant of right to appeal, State v. Johnson
6. City may be liable for 9-1-1 operator's negligent TORT CLAIMS ACT, Massachi v. AHL Services
8. Estate Planning law is extremely complex and ever changing.


NJ Laws' Newsletter February 7, 2008 E267
In This Issue
1. Palimony expanded in New Jersey
2. Contract Like support/palimony case could be heard in Probate Court
3. Suit for tortious interference with a Bequest must be filed in Probate Court
4. Drug Court Expanded in NJ
5. Hardship Exemption to Avoid Driver License Suspension Explained
6. Volunteer Legal Interns Needed, Public Defender of Metuchen

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 16, 2008 E266
In This Issue
1. New Law Establishes owners responsibility to provide information relating to certain motor vehicle accidents.
2. New Law Expands scope of implied consent for BAC testing to include certain underage drivers who have consumed alcohol.
3. New Law Authorizes suspension of motor vehicle registration for unpaid parking ticket.
4. New Law provides for more time to pay Surcharges.
5. New Law permits poor people to perform community service in lieu of fines.
6. New Law grants the court discretion regarding imposition of penalties for certain drug offenses and to allow reformative service to satisfy a portion of such penalties when certain conditions are met.
7. Other New Traffic, Criminal and Civil Laws signed in January.
8. Hon. Emery Z. Toth to speak at DWI Update 2008.

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 3, 2008 E265
In This Issue
1. Happy New Year!
2. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN: details and free T shirts and fun for volunteers.
3. New Year's Resolution- Put your estate planning in order.
4. Recent cases. After DV and Firearm Seized. No Firearm Purchaser Card Can Issue.
5. Local Ordinance Can Prohibit Rat Balloon.
6. Qualified Disability Trust.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 20, 2007 E264
In This Issue
1. More Holiday cheer at this great site.
2. Recent cases: Lack of Notice to Victim Not Grounds to Vacate Plea.
3. 3rd DWI Requires 90 Consecutive Days in jail, no weekends.
4. Police Can Use An Electronic Tracking Device to Trace a Stolen Cell Phone
5. Balance Billing between the Medicaid program and the Medicare program. By Thomas D. Begley, Jr., Esquire
6. More articles added to website KennethVercammen.com

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 12, 2007 E263
In this issue:
1. Season's greetings from Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., his family and Frizby the racing dog.
2. Recent Cases: In Criminal Fatal Accident it is Not Unconstitutional that Driver Required to Stay at Scene
3. Santa Claus Welcomes You to Claus.com
4. Holly Jolly Christmas lyrics
5. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN Sat. Jan. 5, 2008 10:00am 4 -6 MILE GROUP RUN.
6. Congratulations to Jerry Fennelly, Entrepreneur of the Year Princeton
Regional Chamber of Commerce
7. Recent articles added to website.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 5, 2007 E262
In this issue:
1. Municipality Could be Liable for Slip & Fall on Snow.
2. Suppression of Stop and Dismissal of DWI Dismissed Where No Erratic Driving.
3. Insurance Company Required to Participate in Injured Person's Underinsured Motorist Arbitration.
4. Business Not Liable When Neighbor's Customer Hit by Car.
5. Uninsured Motorist Benefits are Available to a Plaintiff in a Random, Drive-By Shooting.
6. Landlord not Liable for Tenant's Dog's Bite.
7. City Not Liable for Injury When Injury is Not Permanent.

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 21, 2007 E261
In this issue:
1. Retired Judge recommends use of Alcotest 7100 machine.
2. Tort Claims notice must be filed against the correct public entity within 90 days or suit for injury would be barred.
3. Late Notice of claim sometimes permitted
4. Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?
5. Recent November laws
6. Great upcoming nearby charity races, Call Ken V to discuss carpoolst.

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 12, 2007 E260
In this issue:
1. Municipality Could be Liable for Slip & Fall on Snow.
2. Suppression of Stop and Dismissal of DWI Dismissed Where No Erratic Driving.
3. Insurance Company Required to Participate in Injured Person's Underinsured Motorist Arbitration.
4. Business Not Liable When Neighbor's Customer Hit by Car.
5. Uninsured Motorist Benefits are Available to a Plaintiff in a Random, Drive-By Shooting.
6. Landlord not Liable for Tenant's Dog's Bite.
7. City Not Liable for Injury When Injury is Not Permanent.

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 2, 2007 E259
In this issue:
1. Domestic Violence Not Guilty Does Not Bar Criminal Charge.
2. Traffic Ticket Served After 30 Days is Untimely.
3. Terroristic Threat Can Be Both 2nd or 3rd Degree.
4. Upcoming Events.
7. Slip & Fall Accident

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 24, 2007 E258
In this issue:
1. New Law signed to protect injured victims of hit & run accident.
2. In DWI Refusal, Officer should Read Additional Paragraph.
3. Reasonable Suspicion Required to Search a Disabled Car.
4. Proposed law would permit some suspended persons to drive to work to pay child support.
5. Governor Jon S. Corzine signed a new law recently which requires new State residents to register their vehicles in New Jersey.
6. Recent and New Web Pages/Articles by Kenneth Vercammen
7. We have established a new Web blog called

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 9, 2007 E257
In this issue:
1. Decision on reliability of new DWI breath testing machine delayed.
2. If You are Hurt in an Accident, We Can Help You.
3. Upcoming Great Charity Races
4. Apartment for Rent Edison, NJ
5. Recent and New Web Pages/Articles by Kenneth Vercammen

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 26, 2007 E256
In this issue:
1. Police immune in high speed chase. Scott v. Harris US Supreme Court
2. Carnegie Center 5K for The Parkinson Alliance Saturday September 29
3.Wills & Elder Law Seminar Middlesex County College, Professional & Community Programs Monday, October 15, 2007 7 - 9 P.M
4. Upcoming Events

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 10, 2007 E255
In this issue:
1. September 11th, 2007, an American flag should be displayed outside every home, apartment, office, and store in the United States
2. Recent cases- Threatening statements by defendant against witness not admissible.
3. Judge cannot issue warrant if they know the defendant.
4. No judicial notice of prior domestic violence dismissal in criminal assault case.
5. Bishop George Ahr/St. Thomas Aquinas 1st Annual Cross Country Classic for alumni and family.

NJ Laws' Newsletter August 28, 2007 E254

In this issue:
1. Estate Planning for Blended Families
2. If arrestee transported to police station, full search permitted
3. Police can pat down suspect if they observe drug transaction.
4. Driver can be guilty of DWI based on cocaine hangover
5. Warrantless protective searches depend on location.

NJ Laws' Newsletter August 2, 2007 E252
In this issue:
1. What to do when you receive a power of attorney.
2. Police officer can testify on speed limit on street.
3. If warrant defective, all other evidence suppressed.
4. Suppression reversed where inconsistent stories by driver and passenger.
5. ABA Annual Meeting and Voting for House of Delegates in San Francisco.
6. Law Audiotapes Available.

NJ Laws' Newsletter July 25, 2007 E251
In this issue:
1. New Probate Law Seminar
2. New Jersey Transfer Inheritance Tax
3. Duties of an Executor under a Will
4. Recent cases: Jayson Williams' post crime acts admissible.
5. Elder Law 2007- Changes in the law and Expanding an Elder Law Practice Saturday, August 11 2:00 -- 3:30 p.m. San Francisco
6. Car Ignition Interlock devices to prevent DWI
7. Final update: Cynthia Vercammen Birthday party Saturday July 28 7pm

NJ Laws' Newsletter July 19, 2007 E250
In this issue:
1. Reasons to prepare a Last Will and Testament and Property
2. Pre-arrest silence admissible if defendant testifies. State v. Brown 190 N.J. 144 (2007)
3. Prosecutor can comment on defendant's silence if he testifies. State v. Tucker 190 N.J. 183 (2007)
4. Prosecutor can cross defendant on statement. State v. Elkwisni 190 N.J. 169 (2007)
5. No Atty-Client Privilege in sealed letter to prospective attorney, despite police ruse to obtain same State of Washington v. John Nicholas Athan, ___P.3d___, 2007 WL 1365301 (Wa. Sup. Ct. 2007)
6. Friends of Cynthia Vercammen are invited to her 50th party
Saturday July 28 - 7pm

NJ Laws' Newsletter 7/11/07 E249
In This Issue
1. Friends of Cynthia Vercammen are invited her 50th party Saturday July 28 7pm
2. Hearsay rule does not apply to Breathalyzer certification
3. Prior refusal to take Breathalyzer counts for enhanced penalty.
4. Alibi notice requirement may violate 5th Amendment.
5. Upcoming Charity races
6. New DWI testing machine faces Additional questions by the Court.

NJ Laws' Newsletter 6/21/07 E248

In This Issue
1. Preparing the Living Will is only the First Step
2. US Supreme Court Rules passengers in cars have search rights
3. Charity Running Races (Pine Beach - USTAF - Championship June 24)

NJ Laws' Newsletter June 11, 2007 E247

In This Issue
1. Upcoming events
2. Statute of Limitations in 1983 Civil Rights Suit Begins on Arrest.
3. No Legal Malpractice When Conviction Reversed.
4. DWI Stop Suppressed Where Police Did Not See Reasons to Believe Defendant Was Intoxicated.

NJ Laws' Newsletter May 25, 2007 E246
In this issue:
1. Property Tax Relief explanation
2. Fireman & Police Now Have Right to Bring Claim if Injured Due to Negligence
3. Defendant Can Contest Lab Reports As Hearsay. State v. Kent
4. Alibi Rule Infringes on Defendant's Rights. State v. Bradshaw

NJ Laws' Newsletter May 18, 2007 E245
In this issue:
1. Friday, May 25- The Legends of Belmar Volleyball
2. DNA Testing of Criminals Does Not Violate Constitution
3 DNA Testing of Juvenile Criminals Constitutional
4. Receipt of Nine Checks Not a Criminal Enterprise to Deny PTI
5. Fire Investigators Can Remain on Scene and Seize Items in Plain View

NJ Laws' Newsletter May 10, 2007 E244
In this issue:
1 Personal Legal Checkup
2. Pocket bike is motorized vehicle subject to NJ Laws and DWI
3. Defendant guilty of leaving scene where defendant admitted contact with vehicle
4. Double-jeopardy did not bar new trial where mistrial declared if judge could not be neutral.
5. To be guilty of fictitious reports defendant must act with knowing mental state.
6. Effective Business Succession Planning
7. Major Changes in Municipal Court - DWI, Recent DWI and Criminal Cases and the New Alcotest Breath Machine

NJ Laws' Newsletter April 25, 2007 E243
In this issue:
1. Real Estate Sales
2. Yearly Insurance Review
3 DWI suppression affirmed where reasons for ordering sobriety test not reasonable suspicion.
4. Defendant can be guilty of .08 DWI even though Breath machine calibrated at .10 level

NJ Laws' Newsletter April 19, 2007 E242
In this issue:
1 Kenneth Vercammen, Edison Attorney was selected a 2007 NJ Super Lawyer
2. Estate Recovery in Medicaid
3. Need for to reapply Miranda warnings depends on circumstances
4. Motion to suppress granted where stop based on only 911 call that was vague

NJ Laws' Newsletter April 12, 2007 E241

In this issue:
1 Nurse may be required to testify in DWI
2. Customer not guilty of shoplifting if billing dispute
3. Eden 5k Running Race April 15, 2007
4. NUTS & BOLTS OF ELDER LAW Monday, April 23, 2007

NJ Laws' Newsletter March 17, 2007 E240
In this issue:
1 Fireman & Police now have right to bring claim if injured due to negligence
2. Illegal alien status can factor to deny PTI
3. Need to reapply Miranda warnings depends on circumstances
4. Motion to suppress granted where stop based on only 911 call that was vague
5 NJ Inheritance Form L-9

NJ Laws' Newsletter March 7, 2007 E239
In this issue:
1. Protection From Spousal Impoverishment
2. HIPAA Health Privacy Law encourages seniors to update their Power of Attorney and Living Wills
3. New criminal case: Two-stage interrogation not objectionable.
4. New webpages: Bias intimidation. 2C:16-1

NJ Laws' Newsletter February 25, 2007 E238
In this issue:
1. New law strengthens the prohibition on inhalation abuse, known as huffing, by broadening the definition of toxic chemical
2- HELP WANTED HTML Clerk to set up webpages
3 Wills, The New Probate Law & Estate Administration Program- last chance to attend Monday, March 19, 2007 7 - 8:30 P.M.
4. Police can ask for consent of home.

NJ Laws' Newsletter E237
In this issue:
1. New statute Broadens definition of toxic chemical in the drug statutes to include nitrous oxide and other substances
2. New statuteImposes criminal penalties for certain actions concerning disposition of decedentÕs body parts.
3 Recent cases: Confession made after arrest warrant admissible.
4. The need for Self- Proving Wills
5. Upcoming Community Events

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 28, 2007 E236
In this issue:
1. 2007 Medicaid, Public Benefits and Tax Numbers
2 Recent cases: Crawford case requires a Witness must appear in court to testify.
3. In Passaic County, 3rd offender DWI can serve jail on weekends
4. Irreconcilable Differences Divorce Legislation Becomes Law
5. Accident reports must now be provided by Police via fax request

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 21, 2007 E235

In this issue:
1. The New NJ Probate Law makes a number of substantial changes in Probate and the administration of estates and trusts in New Jersey. Update your Will now.
2 Recent cases: Due Process Violated if Judge Finds Final Restraining Order FRO on Acts Not Alleged in Complaint.
3 Person in Stopped, Parked Car Not Guilty of DWI.
4. Brendan Vercammen- now 17-0 in wrestling
5. Raritan Valley Road Runners RVRR Winter Banquet

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 14, 2007 E234
In this issue:
1. Happy New Year
2. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN details and volunteers needed
3. Wills, Probate and Elder Law Seminar
4. Recent cases: Defense can comment on no fingerprints.
5. Medicaid Applications

NJ Laws' Newsletter January 1, 2007 E233

In this issue:
1. Happy New Year
2. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN details and volunteers needed
3. Wills, Probate and Elder Law Seminar
4. Recent cases: Defense can comment on no fingerprints.
5. Medicaid Applications

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 24, 2006 E232
In this issue:
1. Season's greetings from Kenneth Vercammen, Esq., his family and Frizby the dog.
2. Santa Claus Welcomes You to Claus.com
3. Injured by Taco Bell Food? A new decision recommends you save the evidence
4 Recent cases: Defendant Voluntarily Waived Self-Incrimination Where He Did Not Ask For Attorney.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 17, 2006 E231
In this issue:
1 Gifts for friends and clients
3. Holiday/ Christmas song links to lyrics
4. Christmas Carols instrumental Website
5. Recent case: Defense Can Comment on No Fingerprints.

NJ Laws' Newsletter December 3, 2006 E230
In this issue:
1 Recent cases: Defendant Can Select Its Own Attorney
2. If Drugs Acquired Jointly, No Distribution Crime.
3. Pre Trial Intervention Rejection Appeal Must be Completed Before Guilty Plea.
4. Holiday Gift Idea! ........Gift Certificates for Wills or Power of Attorney
5. Web Photo: Beverly Hills Author Jay Foonberg
6. Needed: Outdoor Nativity Scene
7. Apartment for Rent Edison
9. Holly Jolly Christmas lyrics

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 28, 2006 E229

In this issue:
1 Recent cases: Threat to Bring in Drug Dog Does Not Invalidate Consent Search
2 911 Call Sometimes Admissible at Trial and Not Hearsay
4. Fun, festive upcoming races with party afterwards.

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 14, 2006 E228
In this issue:
1 Protecting the Rights of non- traditional couples
2 Pre Trial Dismissal/PTI Available Even If They Had a Similar PTI in Pennsylvania

NJ Laws' Newsletter November 1, 2006 E227
In this issue:
1 Marketing Survey for ABA Article
2 New Laws Upgrades simple assault against a private school teacher
2C:33-8.1 Makes it a disorderly persons offense to purposely disrupt funeral
3. Police Could Not Search Bag in Stolen Car Without a Warrant
4. Eyewitness 911 Call to Report Attack Admissible as Excited Utterance
5 NJ Supreme Court rejects Gay marriage in New Jersey but supports equal rights

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 23, 2006 E226

In this issue:
1. Prenuptial Agreements continue to rise
2. Chemist Testimony Required in DWI Blood Case. Lab Cert is Hearsay.
3. Final Restraining Order Without Complaint Filed Violates Due Process
4. Personal Injury- Medical Expert must render opinion that bulging disc constituted permanent injury
5. Upcoming charity races
6. New Law- Criminalizes organized retail theft and establishes crime of leader of organized retail theft enterprise.

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 15, 2006 E225

In this issue:
1 Prenuptial Agreements continue to rise
2 Chemist Testimony Required in DWI Blood Case. Lab Cert is Hearsay.
3 Final Restraining Order Without Complaint Filed Violates Due Process
4 Personal Injury- Medical Expert must render opinion that bulging disc constituted permanent injury
5 Upcoming charity races
6 New Law- Criminalizes organized retail theft and establishes crime of leader of organized retail theft enterprise.

NJ Laws' Newsletter October 4, 2006 E224
In this issue:
1 Police may enter a home without a warrant when they have an objectively reasonable basis for believing that an occupant is seriously injured or imminently threatened with such injury
2. Chiropractor can be expert in car accident personal injury case
3 Car Parked in Parking lot not DWI
4 New webpage: Quasi criminal rights of persons charged with Motor vehicle offenses including DWI and Driving While Suspended
5. Visitation of Children
6 Upcoming events:
Wills, The New Probate Law, Estate Administration & Elder Law Monday, October 16, 2006 7 - 8:30 P.M.
7. Real Estate Broker and Salesperson Services are offered
8. Life Insurance Facts

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 19, 2006 E223
In this issue:
1. Disfigurement or permanent injury required in car accident cases where the lawsuit threshold applies
2. Spine Injuries in Accidents
3. Inadequate Security and Liability for Criminal Attack
4. Plea Requires Defendant to Admit Essential Element of Offense.
5. New webpage: Alimony and Child Support in New Jersey

NJ Laws' Newsletter September 5, 2006 E222
In this issue:
1 Hawaii Night - Saturday, August 26
2 Recent cases- In DWI Police Not Required to Prove Defendant Advised of Independent Testing.
3. Mandatory 180 Days in Jail For 3rd Offender DWI.
4. Suspended Jail Sentence Permitted in Juvenile Cases
5. Insurance Law- Argent v Brady
6. Seminar- Elder Law Practice: New Ethical Ideas to Improve Your Practice by Giving Clients What They Want and Need
7. Need a Good Attorney?

NJ Laws' Newsletter August 24, 2006 E221
1. Life Insurance
2 Recent cases- Co-tenant Can Object to Search Even if Other Occupant
3. Police Questioning After 911 Call Did Not Violate Miranda
4 . Court Prohibited Character Witness Testimony
5 Indigent Deadbeats Entitled to Counsel if Facing Incarceration.
6. Reminder- Friends of Cynthia Vercammen are invited to
Hawaii Night Saturday, August 26 6pm-1

NJ Laws' Newsletter E220
In this issue:

NJ Laws' Newsletter E219
In this issue:

NJ Laws' Newsletter E218
In this issue:

NJ Laws' Newsletter June 19, 2006 E217
In this issue:
1. Inadequate Security and Liability for Criminal Attack
2. Recent cases
Domestic violence dismissed where no danger to wife.
Factual basis required prior to guilty plea.
State v. Tutolo
3. New webpages
Job related and work site injuries
Alimony and child support in New Jersey
4. Upcoming charity races

NJ Laws' Newsletter 6/4/06 E216
In this issue:
1. Spine Injuries in Accidents
STATE v. ZYSK Improper behavior for refusal to submit bag to security check
3. new webpages
Court rules on Visitation of children

NJ Laws' Newsletter 5/29/06 E215
In this issue:
1. Fractures and broken bones in Accidents
2. Federal Health Privacy Law (HIPAA)- Prepare a new Power of Attorney and
Living Will
3. Recent cases Unconditional guilty plea barred appeal
4. new webpage School Random Drug Permissible. Joye v. Hunterdon Central Bd.
of Educ.

NJ Laws' Newsletter 5/21/06 E214
In this issue:
1. Problems if you have no Will
2. Recent cases: Sarcastic comment not a violation of domestic violence
provisions. State v. Haas
3. Failure to charge harassment in complaint warrants reversal of domestic
violence complaint despite harassing and abusive language
4. Rubbing crotch not lewdness. State v. Pinto
5. Upcoming events -Free Estate/ Financial Planning Seminar- Wednesday, May
24, 2006

NJ Laws' Newsletter 5/8/06
In this issue:
Recent cases:
2. Litigation privilege protects special counsel.  Loigman v.  Township
Committee of Middletown
3. Trial de novo judge erred in affirming the municipal court guilty
finding.  State v. Stepongzi
4. Suppression of evidence where no reason for police to believe defendant
armed. State v. Potter
5. New webpages:
DWI Affirmed on Appeal Based on Observations, Only, Not BAC Even though No
Guilty Finding on Observation at Trial

NJ Laws' Newsletter 5/1/06
In this issue:
1. Recent cases: Confidential informant tip plus police observation
permitted stop of car. State v Birkenmeier
2. Expert can testify regarding drug sales.  State v.  Nesbitt
3. Statement suppressed where Miranda not re-issued after arrest.  State v
4. NUTS & BOLTS OF ELDER LAW Thursday, May 11, 2006
ming charity races: 5/13  Edison Family Day 5k
6. Brendan Vercammen wins wrestling championship

NJ Laws' Newsletter 4/18/06
In this issue:
1. New Real Estate Services are offered
2. Expungement/Erase criminal charges
3. Long-term care insurance (LTC) to pay nursing home costs
4. New web articles
5. Upcoming charity races: Eden Family 5K is Sunday April 23

NJ Laws' Newsletter 3/30/06
In this issue:
1. No warrantless search of auto after occupants are out.
State v. Eckel
2. Suppression granted where defendant already secured and out of car.
State v. Johnel Dunlap
3. New web articles
4 Upcoming charity races

NJ Laws' Newsletter 3/19/06
In this issue:
1.Alcotest breath machine use stopped in certain counties
2.Refusal to provide name to officer not criminal obstructing
3.Car can be searched in prison parking lot.
4.Juvenile Touching of another's buttocks during inappropriate horseplay
not a violation of criminal sexual contact
5.Conviction for possession controlled dangerous substances in park zone
permissible despite defendant's being outside of the 500 foot limit
6.If You Are Hurt In An Accident, We Can Help

NJ Laws' Newsletter 3/12/06
In this issue:
1. Living trust does not minimize estate taxes
2. Recent Personal Injury cases
3. NJ Municipal Court Law Review- subscription info
4. The New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act
5. Municipal ordinance fines can be increased from $1,250 to $2,000
6. DRUNK DRIVING- community care-taking permitted questioning parked car

NJ Laws' Newsletter 2/26/06
In this issue:
1. Resource and Income Limitations for Spouses of Medicaid Applicants
2. STATE v. KRONFELD Guilty on No insurance if expired
3. Stuck accelerator defense rejected in careless driving STATE v. HAWLEY
4. Medical report rejected in DWI STATE v. KOLIBABA
5. Upcoming events: NJSBA Municipal Court Practice Section

NJ Laws' Newsletter 2/20/06
In this issue:
1. Long-term Care Insurance (LTC).
2. Recent cases: Confidential statements may be subject to criminal subpoenas.
3. DMV surcharge not subject to discharge.
4. Flight from illegal stop not a crime.
5. New articles on website NJLlaws: Summons, Complaint & Answer in family cases Parole Going to Court New Law permits a court to refrain from imposing driver's license suspension on defendant convicted of drug offense if compelling circumstances exist.

NJ Laws' Newsletter 2/12/06
In this issue:
1. Liability of Owner of Commercial Property for Defects, Snow and Ice
Accumulation and Other Dangerous Conditions in Abutting Sidewalks
2. Details on new guardianship law
3. Estate and Gift Tax Rates and Unified Credit Exemption Amounts
4. Wills, The New Probate Law, Estate Administration & Elder Law Seminar

NJ Laws' Newsletter 2/8/06
In this issue:
3. Underage injured drinker Can Still Bring Civil Suit v. Social Host.

NJ Laws' Newsletter 1/27/2006
In this issue:
1. Needle exchange prohibited. State v. Atlantic City
2. Public records request needs to be specific, not open ended. Bent v. Township of Stafford Police Department
3. If a police officer says, off the record, statements are inadmissible. State v. Fletcher
4. Jailed defendant has right to counsel at probable cause hearing. State v. Dennis
5. Raritan Valley Road Runners RVRR Winter Banquet & Awards Ceremony
6. New articnternet:
  -Unregistered vehics 39:3-4
  -RVRR and Vercammen Winninng Photo
  -Failure to produce license, registration or insurance card 39:3-29
7. Edison Freezing Cold Hash Run- New 2006 Photo links
8. Reminder- Chamber of Commerce Business Networking Party Friday, February 3, 2006 5-8PM

NJ Laws' Newsletter 1/13/2006
In this issue:
1. Business Networking Party Friday, February 3, 2006 5-8PM
2. New statutes signed: Upgrades the crime of criminal mischief under certain circumstances; creates new offense.
3. Probate- New law provides that surviving domestic partner would have the same intestacy rights as a surviving spouse and would have authority to make funeral arrangements.
4. Authorizes court to refrain from imposing driver¹s license suspension on defendant convicted of CDS offense if compelling circumstances exist.
5. Placing juveniles in detention restricted
6. State's guardianship law amended
7. If an illegal stop, refusal to take breath test suppressed as fruit of the poisonous tree
8. In domestic violence, defendant must have access to information sheet in discovery
9. Edison Freezing Cold Hash Run- newspaper article links

NJ Laws' Newsletter 1/2/2006 E201
In this issue:
1. When Should I Update My Estate Planning Documents
2. Federal government can prohibit growing marijuana
3. Prosecutor's Office required to pay attorney's fees for violation of Open Public Records law.
4. Bank records have privacy
5. Reminder- FREEZING COLD HASH RUN Sat. Jan. 7, 2006 10:17am

Previous Newsletters:
NJ Laws' Newsletter 12/16/05 E200
In this issue:
1. Season's Greetings
2. Christmas/ Holiday song links to lyrics:
3. Stop okay if based on DMV error. State v. Pitcher
4. Retrial in absentia requires prior absentia. State v. Dwight
5. Judge should not limit defendant's presentation defense. State v.
6. Links to Christmas Religious songs
7. FREEZING COLD HASH RUN Sat. Jan. 7, 2006 10:17am
8. Law Clerk Internships for College Credit

NJ Laws' Newsletter 12/4/05 E199
In this issue:
1. Prior uncounseled DWI guilty plea may not increase jail time. State v.Hrycak
2. NJ can suspend DL for NY DWI
3. DWI stop dismissed because error by officer. State v. Puzio
4. A Unique Holiday Gift Idea! ........Gift Certificates for Wills or Power of Attorney
6. Holly Jolly Christmas

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Since 1985, KENNETH VERCAMMEN has worked as a personal injury attorney, working for injury victims and their families. By taking a hard-hitting, aggressive approach toward the insurance companies, KENNETH VERCAMMEN and our co-counsel have consistently obtained outstanding results for many injured clients over the years I am proud to have worked on cases in various capacities, small and large. While obviously prior results cannot guarantee the outcome of future cases, I can guarantee that you case will receive the same degree of dedication and hard work that went into each of these prior cases.

In direct contrast to the hard-hitting approach we take toward the insurance companies is the soft approach we take toward our clients. I am proud of my compassionate staff as I am of the outstanding financial results they have achieved. For many years, I have watched them treat our clients with patience, dignity and respect. I would have it no other way.

Many years ago, I attended a seminar sponsored by the American Bar Association on Law Practice Management. This was to help insure that each of our clients is always treated like a person -- not a file! We recognize that you are innocent victims and that you have placed your trust in us. Please understand that we understand what you are going through. Feel comforted that we are here to help you.

If you retain KENNETH VERCAMMEN to represent you, we will give you the same advice we give each of our clients -- concentrate on your life, you family and your health. We will take care of everything else. Leave all of the work and worry about your legal rights to us. Trust us. Believe in us. Have faith in us as your attorneys. Understand that we will always to do what we believe is best for you and your case. Helping you is our job. In fact, it is our only job -- guiding injury victims like you through one of the most difficult times of your lives, with care and concern -- while fighting aggressively to the limits of the law to obtain compensation and justice for each of you!

Print our Personal Injury Questionnaire on our Website, Fill it out and Fax back, so we can determine if we can help you obtain an injury settlement. We would welcome an opportunity to prove to you what we have proven to thousands of injured clients -- that you can feel comfortable and secure in the fact that KENNETH VERCAMMEN - Trial Attorney We Fight To Win.

When you have been injured in an accident or collision, you are worried about who is going to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of by an insurance company. If you dont protect your rights, you may not be able to make a claim.

Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to pay you as little as they can. You need a New Jersey personal injury lawyer to fight for you. I am dedicated to helping your recover as much money as possible under the law.

You need an attorney who will work hard to protect your rights, maximize your insurance settlement and minimize the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies. You need an experienced and aggressive New Jersey trial lawyer with PROVEN RESULTS who will fight for you. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer can make the difference between getting what you deserve and getting nothing.

Without the threat of a lawyer who is willing to go to trial and seek a big jury verdict, why would an insurance company pay you what your claim is really worth? Lawsuits can be expensive, and many people do not have the money to pursue their claim. In every case, I advance all costs associated with pursuing your case and I do not ask you for a penny until we recover from the other side.

I am an experienced aggressive trial lawyer and a 3rd degree Black Belt. I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize the amount of money your recover for your personal injury. I offer one-on-one service, and I will not hand your case off to an inexperienced lawyer or a paralegal.

Reduce the stress of making a claim.

Personal injury accidents can turn your life upside down. Making a personal injury claim can be difficult and time consuming. Once I take your case, you can stop worrying about dealing with the insurance companies and focus on recovering from your injuries. I take care of all of the paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations, so you can get on with your life.

p.s. For those clients who are afraid or reluctant to go to Court, KENNETH VERCAMMEN also offers a special -- For Settlement Only -- program. This means that if we are unable to settle with the insurance company, we will not go any further -- unless you want us to. You have my personal assurance that there will be absolutely no pressure and no obligation.

We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.

This means:

Call our office to schedule a "confidential" appointment 732-572-0500

Kenneth A. Vercammen is the Managing Attorney at Kenneth Vercammen & Associates in Edison, NJ. He is a New Jersey trial attorney has devoted a substantial portion of his professional time to the preparation and trial of litigated matters. He has appeared in Courts throughout New Jersey each week on personal injury matters, Criminal /Municipal Court trials, and contested Probate hearings.

Mr. Vercammen has published over 125 legal articles in national and New Jersey publications on criminal, elder law, probate and litigation topics. He is a highly regarded lecturer on litigation issues for the American Bar Association, NJ ICLE, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association. His articles have been published in noted publications included New Jersey Law Journal, ABA Law Practice Management Magazine, and New Jersey Lawyer. He is the Editor in Chief of the American Bar Association Tort and Insurance Committee Newsletter.

Admitted In NJ, US Supreme Court and Federal District Court.

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