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NJSA 3B:12-61 Power of guardian to act as personal represen

3B:12-61 Power of guardian to act as personal representative of the estate of a deceased incapacitated person.

width=32If within 40 days after the death of an incapacitated person, no other person has been appointed personal representative and no action for an appointment is pending in the Superior Court or Surrogates court of the county where the incapacitated person resided at his death, the guardian may apply to the Superior Court for authority to exercise the powers and duties of a personal representative so that he may proceed to administer and distribute the decedents estate without additional or further appointment. Upon application for an order granting the powers of a personal representative to a guardian, after notice to all persons interested in the incapacitated persons estate either as heirs or devisees and including any person nominated executor in any will of which the applicant is aware, the court may order the conferral of those powers, upon determining that there is no objection, and may enter judgment that the guardian has all of the powers and duties of a personal representative. The making and entry of a judgment under this section shall have the effect of an order of appointment of a personal representative, except that the estate in the name of the guardian, after administration, may be distributed to persons entitled to the decedents estate under his will or the laws of intestacy without prior retransfer to the guardian as personal representative.

Kenneth Vercammen was the Middlesex County Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year
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Kenneth Vercammen is the Managing Attorney at Kenneth Vercammen & Associates in Edison, NJ. He is a New Jersey trial attorney has devoted a substantial portion of his professional time to the preparation and trial of litigated matters. He has appeared in Courts throughout New Jersey each week for litigation and contested Probate hearings.

Mr. Vercammen has published over 125 legal articles in national and New Jersey publications on elder law, probate and litigation topics. He is a highly regarded lecturer on litigation issues for the American Bar Association, NJ ICLE, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association. His articles have been published in noted publications included New Jersey Law Journal, ABA Law Practice Management Magazine, and New Jersey Lawyer.

He is chair of the Elder Law Committee of the American Bar Association General Practice Division. He is also Editor of the ABA Estate Planning Probate Committee Newsletter and also the Criminal Law Committee newsletter. Mr. Vercammen is a recipient of the NJSBA- YLD Service to the Bar Award. And past Winner "General Practice Attorney of the Year" from the NJ State Bar Association. He is a 22 year active member of the American Bar Association. He is also a member of the ABA Real Property, Probate & Trust Section.

He established the NJlaws website which includes many articles on Elder Law. Mr. Vercammen received his B.S., cum laude, from the University of Scranton and his J.D. from Widener/Delaware Law School, where he was the Case Note Editor of the Delaware Law Forum, a member of the Law Review and the winner of the Delaware Trial Competition.


Edison Adult School -Wills, Elder Law & Probate- 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 [inc Edison TV], 2001, 2000,1999,1998,1997
Nuts & Bolts of Elder Law - NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education/ NJ State Bar ICLE/NJSBA 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1996
Elder Law and Estate Planning- American Bar Association Miami 2007
Elder Law Practice, New Ethical Ideas to Improve Your Practice by Giving Clients What They Want and Need American Bar Association Hawaii 2006
South Plainfield Seniors- New Probate Law 2005, East Brunswick Seniors- New Probate Law 2005
Old Bridge AARP 2002; Guardian Angeles/ Edison 2002; St. Cecilia/ Woodbridge Seniors 2002;
East Brunswick/ Halls Corner 2002;
Linden AARP 2002
Woodbridge Adult School -Wills and Estate Administration -2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996
Woodbridge Housing 2001; Metuchen Seniors & Metuchen TV 2001; Frigidare/ Local 401 Edison 2001; Chelsea/ East Brunswick 2001, Village Court/ Edison 2001; Old Bridge Rotary 2001; Sacred Heart/ South Amboy 2001; Livingston Q/W8Zcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.s=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./t}ϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,{Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6^SV) 4 48Xn0Șoz"aNwg. aNwg^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mAaN:nu^Ϲϻ,6 {\o9Z.0;|?ukns8ͭr.]ny^oqn97 su9]p). aNwgaNwgw@@9 ****c5q  Q͆c(}c(}  lu~5;>BCDMf'n0TVXajsy~Q(W1Zcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.s=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./&]pϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,{Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6^PNI'4 48Xn0Șoz"a2w. a2w^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mAa2yY>>̃q]vkY/˹tt]siz~in>0΅pvKå. a2wa2ww@@9 ****c1Q Ƅc)-c)-  py5;>B CDM f2n;_aclu~Q9WBZcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.s=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./&rwϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,{Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6^=?>Sj4 48Xn0Șoz"a29M/]p. a29M/]p^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mAa29M/A[s.˹<e7}ν4<09w\-NsKG9w[sy \x]g4\ . a29M/]pa29M/]pw@@9 ****c* ƵKc)Dc)D  py5;>B CDM f2n;_aclu~Q9WBZcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.s=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./cvwϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,{Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6^%G{4 48Xn0Șoz"a9==f]p. a9==f]p^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mAa9==fA[s.˹<e7}ν4<09w\-NsKG9w[sy \x]g4\ . a9==f]pa9==f]pw@@9 ****c% c*c*  qz5;>B CDM"f4n=acenwQ=WFZcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.sg7>vx 4^yY>=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./5킻ϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,{Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6^Rz8J"Wl4 48Xn0Șoz"pN. . pN. ^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mApN Pǭ9ywfD|>^y^se{fgwmyYΥ;O\-NsB CDM"f4n=acenwQ=WFZcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.sg7ܕezx 4^yY>=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./5<ϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,${Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6$^XŢ d4 48Xn0Șoz"0|~. . $$0|~. ^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mA0|~ Pǭ9ywfD|>^y^se{fgwmyYΥ;O\-NsBCDMf/n8\^`ir{Q4W=Zcegv\~gC:/]sy=n{-izyuar:5~[e9.s=E|>]y^e{fgw_yY5O/-N<./5F >ϻ,oA]00X@X@  * x@,${Q(+h7h0g-cpX3`Ơ 6$^ַ6p4 48Xn0Șoz"c;=.3. $$c;=.3^45q|}e9zϹײx\w&Y]w~in}^sr<2W~t;|.Ϲa8 r ϫ(mAc;=.PC:/