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3B:14-21 Removal for cause.

3B:14-21 Removal for cause.

/3B:14-21. The court may remove a fiduciary from office when the fiduciary:

/a./After due notice of an order or judgment of the court so directing, neglects or refuses, within the time fixed by the court, to file an inventory, render an account, or give security or additional security;

/b./After due notice of any other order or judgment of the court made under its proper authority, neglects or refuses to perform or obey the order or judgment within the time fixed by the court;

/c./Embezzles, wastes, or misapplies any part of the estate for which the fiduciary is responsible, or abuses the trust and confidence reposed in the fiduciary;

/d./No longer resides nor has an office in the State and neglects or refuses to proceed with the administration of the estate and perform the duties required;

/e./Is incapacitated for the transaction of business; or

/f./Neglects or refuses, as one of two or more fiduciaries, to perform the required duties or to join with the other fiduciary or fiduciaries in the administration of the estate for which they are responsible whereby the proper administration and settlement of the estate is or may be hindered or prevented.

/amended 2013, c.103, s.44.

Kenneth Vercammen was the Middlesex County Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year
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Kenneth Vercammen is the Managing Attorney at Kenneth Vercammen & Associates in Edison, NJ. He is a New Jersey trial attorney has devoted a substantial portion of his professional time to the preparation and trial of litigated matters. He has appeared in Courts throughout New Jersey each week for litigation and contested Probate hearings.

Mr. Vercammen has published over 125 legal articles in national and New Jersey publications on elder law, probate and litigation topics. He is a highly regarded lecturer on litigation issues for the American Bar Association, NJ ICLE, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association. His articles have been jxv7͗svpv/^leugjڽ rE(2s$@oIQ!MqS)*d2a|Qp"}K i{CM:FB<-Wį409R%WO= %]0L3ed69nPA<͌bMz$.g5tz_YMS֢++¬T%`Ckf&%VZ;^7Mۮ0Vǀmg(tkY֮4qk)'77KP+86HOd\VG])e-qWN&^*Chd厊utu,]^aLG2bK}N 6ѝ-Ay;̛”@P^kIvP-†b_ћ.!o{T~vW}aqgIcdU".b(kQ^٪k#˄|k7ȱҳ b[lW,m F6\erE ƨ41犋T| p3~]-)-+Cu %ЏU<(ջ'eF5r@_\kn%;gMoGlgR_Lzm;;M{y~wK5Rt4fVʁYdE5}LĐ迂v*!yFH^ilL;R&_3RfӺْeN#ӑRg:|I-&g&< "[Zx{ q.w%B튲->6Cѡÿ`ovQOَT [I(@Iy~T:F)?gݗ;sitg@N(HCr"XgйgLEgQ4۩N62PK!5 9\Ӄ"ȿ# ~%aaٷ^ Sud1s`[31lE:b>feb 8 B`QJO|U@LA{\cL8!V|y;M  ۡ) " l{t bIN%6Zlk3!6q;=W_{%*1q 0 PYSE'Xld9&fa;3ξpN<ӑZl a9y6xn;?11"$4?*ԡ2F$ȼ=U&!^\LO_Is|Ym e6c?Wf y'8[ļ Qw.|D-sO,ksz+x|pFh 8+O<)m$4?h!o?dUb+|5'(y/ Pu4S7dRS}A: _7ljPC vKZ9+s5Uژ"Z ,N5å .ŗ;š>fHmNKpЧ*+#y[Srӭ4`Yxf fNT~{lDDyշt@YL g+6?hQ(IFS/|{2|Y_0] 3EI(^SwBҞsF p'!}r;l..&'ѭ) %mΣ;&oe;wq#} }\]36ҏ*70$7,.x rWH7 ?O e[Qruʱ0"YޛetLcM 1EXTQ`'Z9#?b5+?!8b hCg+)gc8de#"jLzIJVI6u/OG{wZru^8r71_#AT&_ F^ݿ\.Z U_$7Z+ d0-QqYo!/!S\6 ׷INM2v,7Rsٸ<=YaBZ𥆹e)*KNPpdzeQ7u6=^xApE1Fz]Z[@&XN{BJy%'@\G<,ݭ^K2 +eJ|>PWy[@T %juG!͘7b.&x&ڏ4/@М.f5(>,-p NBf0h<oʽe6tp[T=%Ζ^ dC=АᶹA=RP!]q6k)LvP`D:fglA֙λU Zw*/y/9R3&Z~I/sSPV;%Uf3sG'f#즌jr)sDWCϤAPXShYڏĕM1&cYj)`VU c{b),ZZ&pɪMxmcc;u Uje4+_˗2,Vhn[6 Yݹ\X28dp Y-Y۾^Q*<,A)]DPI9`"侮BBNxPvbWK?~}Jp`rqx9FMR7?|P65KU?\sUPwT:wTp6%ȇKM u>zdm*رT~0?RX¤lxur?DL AApYpḾt99Eu6{XTS'hrR`vdի8ልZ.R#+QBpko%2H[d^#; ~ 1Ϟg=*!w=lQVt·Mʉ^݌ w^^; Oʧ$L.ba;$Dܤ-{vmd ϭtpKXy$ŹC*VM;|;sE V/X\;Y%4a"tsec2ÞЬOz/iaLJeDŁ9-PLP0DR :eUm@Mf o0\ޥwOu?Tf~E Wq=#rgXI8oСkVZO އrxP}Ŵ Aȯ4@Q"vY.~zRº EMFQ>[h<*|n]bs_[z^G%<%FC"ƌ |>DWq'U]jifX=|ͼJ0h%2~ߋVD591..w@ӈ\ W1|8BNEۅh{9`Vdp$ ~qpB|߁w]je3U>wa&.9&T,Zt&&m0șF6 -Ͱ !>ZȲ#1y0>в!nFkP" {G"Xd!fwx\`*1 u{',0q¬瑑"&[WZ՜s;("HUXTDxWQG7Tˇ_np$S)QҬ1oY%fnUb4Κy+=˧];b>LfG!Z, S@Skode m]>][~U +ga$j]ҬmBNSCB^]O}%%5KxvV"eg}+U\8CkD(q#Ah\9zehf tgޡ^iҘ18ՇMxTWp&=ǵalUU0d5 ( yvhxN 뿃\uqYAx1(wn{-t:tdjHCO nw{];ݑFe^Cɾ2a nOٺ@Ei- _nKϽLZzf{>t$ifB1Ze6okWHN]zZL͹1%_gdPٯI^ORKC۸g ã3CcRE;sZ[F9Z2Dݗ6'髤Yh~y[W/Ԉ[Lϐ,>tdE^֠ ɠ gN(y0~˽ֶ};m@p:`yb|@ۑM'5Y ^@~B?mkH% 1qHWkގ-G)+y%g^_6J_~uC>市#w@&EJ'Ғ94tG#Ԙ; KSZ<w P~ʼnmS==UdSgwxקI4yap6.j0>/LDiW;Loj$eYWUz>F^֖)rATžUUƁVR#6 z"CMAqlT2^ Z]2fdRc|p^=u)rd[@|O_'ˁ;bE v.okDsPZ4U4iMxYZ|b f Dž,B쵉v%æ+\Sh[JdrcD^L#zZ/\󿟢i+HAP(TdpNyjr,,VKQo:cRv1y=mZy zW 5pف'j@(|]ͅXob`& )=t52Tf.+NO袑Gd/\oqC륭0M>vgVCT7 K̕ϲz D@UXY!"\K09Vq訟PO~`}`V51jdž膩IR`"BnŦPe.6$H'-I>$c@U-imV䚘}d\NqUY+wpMTN,w=l 'lw6Q5+JR#iO1r.7K㶩K&_M2Ҵ6l<gUGQ";pue;E)zV킕5)`-+wèz+s25&N"V(TA|-V&!v?qi E7}J@n>zfXЛh ^mJȀt.JS t<&VݮÚ#[H48m!ǢP^r}t7Tի[k3a \\0&o(: Q)ӆ][]uAj;*+ufȒbȷ\6^I {_^i=P]ewfխQ1y춷%"wmKn(R0 9+W(m0d_5fQHw^*0طVNQ#rgAD*q[׮fyrcG׃:3ƙ6 qse/s+3ed$Xk3 pRH:#K؁LQPzϖk_}Xūd_62:ax"]@?5k-ᱷEd}ޫj5[=JlsB,SВzV?nGAeh O0I5<ޭûEj"n/X.4#`̻*tisbDD8Sȷ$(EafxVgsdŕ꫕뭜R=L)KXn k?3?BN_7q FgiKSVkئ/*OZ&oqV8]zлqcx8iDΈwMp ro-p>/)qaΥn۳SF!$'ֺXx<}C4|RnbfQu+3$i75:X0ׇ层A N>0O x 5_콡r ln+z Z HU7+}&`+|&\yrH@tx04$K#욤TNdRK$Dbzt^i={7wjYS85)×,X+zo@D i_/ RpNqu0:̅sI+bl&`b^& 69t4Qnw_~P LJ)!'ST Py%~PѿOV$:_ץfλe&bҴ^Ѱ- U|Ikb@pE~NgT%kT[帴#z&\`9w M: FMIA' LMvct0q݁| d`n\z5';'&)-gx*3[Ol^@9/v>I_!Ay :c!/t#lzt i[WCjk! <qK(5n ZsY8Q}GyIGlEEg+{]9iGbV.nr\e-y,W{O.XsV`dPnt r b>M}wAVs5,EfcEV!)bԢ(,?-AK+<@\߻c&(MXqy82-=9o*dqhyݺ%Bs  ~?f[Ju ˆ]"- 4 ++{ Ig@[9.nxDs>_B8R:yMSXbʦZARA\:\&ڈ$